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How to convert an Outdoor Cat into an Indoor Cat

How to convert an Outdoor Cat into an Indoor Cat
Photo Credit: Nesster via cc

Can an outdoor cat be converted into an indoor cat?

Here are some helpful tips and advice on how to make the ‘outdoor to indoor’ transition for your cat.

Many ask the question about whether you can convert an ‘outdoor cat’ to an ‘indoor cat’. Can this transition be easily done? And will it have any effect on the cat, now that it can no longer go outdoors?
Coverting an ‘outdoor cat’ to an ‘indoor’ one may have to be necessary for any number of reasons. One reason may be that the cat has to remain indoors due to a recent health issue. The cat may suffer from an impairment like blindness or deafness. Another reason may be that the owner of the cat may have had to move to a home or apartment where outdoor space for the cat is either not available or no longer suitable.
There are also many outdoor cats that have no alternative but to be rehomed as an indoor cat. They will have no alternative but to adapt and live in a flat or apartment environment. And even that, for an outdoor cat, is better than being stuck in a cattery or a rehoming centre for the rest of it’s days. On some occasions outdoor cats are temporarily fostered out to an indoor environment until an owner with outdoor space is available.
Most rehoming centres are really considerate when finding new homes for their cats. They actually stress whether the cat on offer is either an ‘indoor only cat’ or ‘outdoor cat’. They always do their best to match each cat to a suitable family and environment. But sometimes an outdoor cat has no choice but to adapt to an indoor life.
Well the answer to the question of whether an outdoor cat can be converted into an indoor cat is – yes it can. Many cat owners have successfully turned their ‘outdoor cat’ into an ‘indoor cat’ with some care and attention and a few easy changes. The cats in question have taken to their new indoor life with ease, and some have still been able to enjoy the outdoors thanks to a cat enclosure, a cat stroller and even a harness and leash!
We have given an outline on how this can be done below: