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Providing the right environment for your indoor cat

Providing the right environment for your indoor cat
Photo Credit: Takashi Hososhima via cc

You can easily provide your indoor cat with the perfect indoor environment which will help keep them entertained and happy

Many believe that most indoor cats live a very sheltered and unhappy life. Due to the lack of the outdoors and fresh air, a cat will miss out on a habitat, which is most natural to them. Climbing trees and hunting prey is part of a cats instinct.
But for some cats, going outdoors is not possible. It may be due to an health issue, ear or eye impairment or just old age. It maybe because the cat lives in a high rise apartment or converted flat. Or it could be that their outdoor environment it is just not safe for them due to heavy traffic or location issues.
But rest assured. It is quite possible for an indoor cat to be a happy cat. It will be up to you, the owner, to bring the fun of the outdoors – inside for your indoor cat. Below are some suggestions on how to create the right environment for your indoor cat. Following these suggestions will help your indoor cat remain entertained and happy in their indoor home.
The first couple of suggestions are ways of getting your indoor cat outdoors, so it may be worth considering them if you would like your cat to be outside breathing in the fresh air, particularly in the more pleasant weather.