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Why cat strollers and pet prams are perfect for indoor cats?

Why are cat strollers and pet prams are perfect for indoor cats?

You can now get your indoor cat outdoors with a cat stroller

Cat prams, cat pushchairs and cat strollers are still a new concept, but they are now on the increaseas more and more cat owners are now travelling with their pets on a regular basis.

What is a cat stroller?

a cat stroller or cat pram is a very safe and secure way of getting your indoor cat outdoors
A cat stroller is very similar to a child’s pushchair or buggy. Cat strollers do have a few more additional features though. The cat is protected inside the stroller by secure zippered mesh window panels. The purpose of these mesh panels is to keep the inside of the cat stroller ventilated and offer the interior large amounts of breath ability.
These mesh windows are usually made from durable polyester mesh which are strong and will prevent your cat from escaping from inside the stroller. They also tend to be made from a dark coloured mesh which has two functions. It will offer your indoor cat privacy as your pet will not be clearly visible to passers by unless they move up real close. Although the mesh is of a dark shade it will still give your cat a good view from inside the stroller, so they can see their surroundings as they stroll along
The inside of the stroller is usually padded and designed to hold a cat (or even two cats). The interior also tends to be made from a waterproof material which can be easily cleaned if your cat should happen to have a toilet accident. The inside of the stroller can then be cleaned very easily with warm soapy water.

How to access your cat within the stroller

most cat strollers will have strong and secure zippered, velcro or press stud panels which can be used for entry and exit.
Many pet strollers differ when it comes to how you place your cat or dog within a stroller. But most will have strong and secure zippered, velcro or press stud panels which can be used for entry and exit.
To stop your pet from leaping out unannounced outdoors your stroller may include a leash clip which can be attached to your cats harness or collar. Some pet strollers may also feature a top or rear panel which can be opened and closed easily and is perfect for attending to your pet while you are outdoors. This may be used to either feed them or comfort them should they become distressed.

Cat strollers are also perfect for all weathers all year round

cat strollers are designed to cope with all types of weather
The outer part of the cat stroller is also made from a waterproof and weatherproof material. This makes the cat stroller extremely useful in all types of weather. Not only will it protect your cat from rain and cold weather but it will also provide them with plenty of shade during the hot summer months. This is when the mesh window panels can also provide air flow and ventilation which will keep your cat much cooler.
If you wish for your cat to enjoy a much clearer view you can push back the canopy of the cat pram, so your cat can be exposed. Most pet prams will have a secure leash clip fitted so you can stop your cat (or dog) from leaping out of the stroller.
Some cat strollers will feature reflective strips on the outer covering which makes them perfect for travelling in low light conditions.

Four wheels or three?

cat strollers come with either four wheels or three wheels
Cat strollers come in all shapes and sizes and they can feature a three wheel or four wheel design. The three wheel pet strollers can also be used as jogging strollers, as the front swivel wheel can offer better manoeuvrability as you speed walk or jog along.
The four wheel strollers are usually best for just walking and may also feature front swivel wheels which will help you turn corners or mount kerbs much more easily.
With a cat stroller, for more rough terrains usually the bigger the wheel the better. If you want to use the stroller for simple trips like walking to the park or strolling down paths and pavements then smaller wheels will suffice.
If you are planning to walk along more bumpier paths and surfaces with a more rough terrain then look for larger sized wheels. Most good pet strollers will also include shock absorbers so your cat or dog will have a smooth ride as you stroll along. Some pet strollers also feature air filled or pneumatic tyres which will also provide your cat with a less bumpy journey!
Some cat strollers will also have reflectors fitted onto the wheel spokes, especially if they have larger wheels or they double up as a trailer for a bicycle.

Other design features on a cat stroller

cat strollers come with cup holders and storage basket compartments
Just like an infants buggy, a cat stroller will also feature secure brakes and even some handy storage areas. If you like a coffee while out with your cat then some cat buggies will feature a storage panel near the push handle bar. There will be cup holders and a space to hold your mobile phone or keys.
Some pet strollers will also provide you with some storage space underneath the stroller compartment. Here is where you can hold all your cats essentials like food, water, toys and even a small blanket. These storage solutions are perfect for when you want to travel ‘shoulder bag free’.

The cat stroller when not in use

most cat strollers are designed to fold up when not in use
All designers of pet strollers have considered that when the pet pram is not in use then the pet pram needs to be stored away easily and conveniently. Most strollers are easy to fold and will fold flat or fold up for easy storage. This design feature will also make the cat stroller easy to use when travelling with a car as the folded pet pram can be placed in a boot of car.
If you are travelling by car with a cat then you will need a cat carrier for the back seat of your vehicle or you can purchase a cat stroller that also converts to a carrier/car seat (more on that below).

Multifunctional cat strollers

If you are planning on using a cat stroller for many different types of journeys or for long distance travelling then perhaps a multifunctional pet pram is for you.

3 in 1 cat strollers

some cat strollers are designed to be multifunctional as a stroller, car seat or pet carrier
3 in 1 cat strollers are very multifunctional as they can be used in a number of different ways. Not only can they be used as a standard walking cat stroller but they can also be used as either a pet carrier, back pack and even as a pet car seat. This means that the stroller is perfect for both car travel and for use on various modes of public transport. Your cat can still remain inside the stroller compartment and doesn’t have to be disturbed as you use the stroller in a number of different ways.

Bicycle Pet Trailers

some cat strollers are designed to be a walking stroller plus a bicycle trailer
Many dog owners are now using bicycle pet trailers to travel with their pets. You can buy pet stroller and bike trailer combos which are very multifunctional and are great for the very active pet owner. So if you have an adventurous cat then you could be travelling further afield to get them outdoors!
Some eco friendly pet owners are also using a pet trailer to transport their animals to the vets for check ups instead of using the car, which saves time on being stuck in busy traffic and also saves money on fuel costs!
Some bicycle trailers may be too big for your cat, but you can buy smaller models if you are planning to cycle with your feline! When using any pet bike trailer your pet should have some trailer training before you travel on the road with your cat or dog.