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Why are cat strollers and pet prams are perfect for indoor cats?

Top tips on how to train your cat
to travel in a pet stroller

Training your cat to use a cat stroller isn’t just a case of putting them inside a cat pram and hoping for the best. Cats don’t appreciate being pushed around! Though after a little training they will enjoy being pushed around in their very own mini cat home on wheels!

What is a cat stroller?

cat strollers come with either four wheels or three wheels
Cat strollers are a pretty new concept over here in the UK, but they are now becoming more and more popular with pet owners across the world. A cat stroller is very similar to a child’s buggy, but this type of pram has an enclosed interior which keeps your cat safe and secure.
Cat prams are also weatherproof and will protect your cat in all types of weather. This means your cat can go on regular trips in the wet weather and even during the sunny summer months. The design of the stroller will also feature mesh window panels which not only keep your cat safely inside the stroller, but it also enables air to circulate within the interior of the cat pram. This circulating air will also keep the buggy interior well ventilated and will keep your cat cooler on warmer days.
Most cat strollers have storage baskets, which means you can take your cats food, water, bowls and toys out with you. Pet strollers also fold up and can be stored away when not in use.

What will my indoor cat get from travelling in a cat stroller?

a cat stroller will provide your indoor cat with privacy, security, mental stimulation and lots of outdoor fresh air
Cat strollers, prams and pet pushchairs are now becoming the perfect way to get your ‘indoor cat’ outdoors. Not only can your cat benefit from getting fresh air, they also find daily trips outdoors mentally stimulating and exciting.
A cat stroller will keep your nervous, shy, disabled, elderly or healthy cat safe when outdoors and it’s also perfect for young and vulnerable kittens too. Cats are inquisitive creatures by nature, so taking them outside beyond the house and garden will provide them with new smells, sights and sounds – all from the comfort of their very own cat pram.

Pushing my indoor cat in a pet stroller isn’t really exercising them though is it?

Many cat owners argue that pushing a cat around in a pet pram is rather silly and that cats (and dogs) shouldn’t be pushed around like babies. And these pampered pets don’t actually get exercised if being pushed around all day in a pram do they?
There may be some pet owners who do treat their pets like babies, but a pet stroller does get an indoor pet out of the house and it will give that pet new experiences and a new lease of life. Not to mention lots of fresh air, quality time with you and interaction with other humans!
a cat harness and leash is a great way of getting your indoor cat outdoors for walks, exercise and mental stimulation
We always recommend that any pet using a pet stroller should be encouraged, whenever possible, to get out of a stroller to walk during a trip outdoors. Dogs are easy to walk on a leash, but did you know you can also walk a cat on a harness and leash also?
Teaming up a pet stroller with a harness and leash for walks is always the best option for an indoor cat. Again, with a little training, some cats take to walking on a leash pretty quickly so this would be an ideal way to exercise them outdoors. Read our article on ‘How to train your indoor cat to walk on a harness and leash’ for more tips on this.
If your indoor cat refuses to walk on a leash, they can still enjoy trips out in their stroller and then you can encourage them to exercise at home with lots of play and activity.

So how do I train my indoor cat to like their cat stroller?

pet strollers are perfect for indoor cats
Cats are creatures of habit and can be very cautious when it comes to new things, especially when using a cat pushchair for the first time! But in just a few easy stages, and with time, praise and patience you can have your cat enjoying their cat stroller in no time at all.
It’s very important that your cat feels safe and secure inside their pet stroller before venturing outdoors in their stroller for the first time. Here are our handy tips on training your cat to get accustomed to their cat stroller. These useful tips are not only useful for cat strollers, but also great for acclimatising your cat to pet carriers and other transportation boxes.