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Indoor and outdoor plants that are poisonous to cats (and dogs)

Indoor and outdoor plants that are poisonous to cats
If you have an indoor cat and leave it to it’s own devices while you go to work, it’s important that your home and their indoor environment is safe and free from dangerous objects or harmful vegetation. Cats by nature are curious animals and will explore most nooks and crannies and may even take to nibbling or eating the odd house plants in your home.

The importance of cat grass for your indoor cat

an indoor cat eating cat grass
Cats love cat grass to nibble on. Both indoor and outdoor cats may use cat grass as a digestive aid to regurgitate hair balls. For an indoor cat it’s a good idea to have some cat grass available inside your home for when they require it. Cat grass is easy to grow and comes available in kits.
If your indoor cat is partial to cat grass then keep a few bowls of it around your home. You can grow more bowls of cat grass outdoors for outdoor cats, or keep them on standby for when your indoor cat grass runs out.
Read more about the importance of cat grass in our article Indoor Cat: Facts about Cat Grass.

Indoor Cats and houseplants

indoor cat near household plant
If you are pretty ‘green fingered’ then your home may contain numerous houseplants. Houseplants are also a common house gift and come in all manner of varieties which we may know very little about. Plants like the Poinsettia, Christmas Rose, Chrysanthemums, Mother-in Law’s Tongue and various lilies can make their way into our homes and are dangerous to pets, should they digest them. If you do have indoor houseplants then it’s important that they are safe for your indoor cat, just in case they decide to munch on them!
Not all cats eat everything in sight and these clever creatures are pretty picky when it comes to eating strange vegetation, but there may be the odd puss, or young kitten who likes a quick nibble on a nearby plant.
Similarly if you have an outdoor cat, then think about the plants that may grow in the garden. You can’t have control over what your outdoor cat munches on, but you can keep your indoor cat’s environment free from hazardous plants.

So which house or garden plants are poisonous to cats?

indoor kitten near household plant
Unless you are a trained botanist, there is no way of knowing which plants are dangerous to your pets. Most shop bought houseplants come with an information label or tag which will include it’s name and information about that plant and it’s requirements.
If you do have a plant munching indoor cat, then it’s most probably best to keep your home plant free, apart from bowls of edible cat grass. If you have indoor kittens then it’s wise to keep their environment completely plant free.
Below is a list of some of the plants which are known to be poisonous to cats, dogs and other pets should they eat them. By clicking on the link, it will give you more information which will include photographs and descriptions courtesy of Wikipedia and the ASPCA.
The list is mainly made up of outdoor plants, flowers and trees, but it does include some common house plants.