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Reasons why a programmable or automatic food dispenser feeder will benefit your indoor cat

PetSafe 2 Meal Feeder - perfect timer automatic feeder for your indoor cat
If you are at home throughout the whole day with your indoor cat, then they are lucky enough to be waited on when it comes to meal times. You can serve up the correct portion of cat food at the correct time, ensuring that your cat is being given the right amount at the right time. But what if you are not able to spend the day with your indoor cat? How will they be fed then?
Some cat owners have serious food issues when it comes to feeding their indoor (and outdoor) cats. Some cats have been known to gobble down the whole days food in one go, which isn’t good for their digestive system or their weight!

Standard food bowls and non programmable food dispensers for indoor cats

Food can be left for your indoor cat in many ways. From the standard cat food bowl to the non programmable food dispensers.
stainless steel cat water bowl
Standard Cat bowl: The majority of cats tend to eat from a standard cat bowl. If your cat does eat from one of these simple bowls, then it’s vital that their bowl is cleaned daily.
It’s also advisable that their food is placed in the bowl, just before they eat it and taken away when they have finished. This not only stops your cat from over eating, but it also stops the left over food being infected with flies, bugs and bacteria.
If your cat prefers a simple bowl then we recommend a bowl that is made from either stainless steel or ceramic as these are more hygienic and easier to stay clean.
gravity feed cat food dispenser feeder - ideal for feeding indoor cats
Non Programmable Food Dispensers: These sort of basic food dispensers are designed with a gravity feed. Gravity feeders dispense food from a storage capacity situated above the food bowl. The food then drops down via gravity from the above container whenever there is room in the food bowl.
Like the standard food bowl, any left over food in the bowl can be tainted by flies and bugs and make the food inedible. This sort of food dispenser can also encourage your indoor cat to overeat, unless the correct amount is placed in the storage capacity above.

Programmable, Automatic or Timed Food dispensers for indoor cats

Trixie 24371 TX1 Automatic Feeder - perfect times automatic feeder for your indoor cat
Programmable, Automatic or Timed Food dispensers for indoor cats are a really good idea, especially if you have to go to work and leave your pet alone through out the day. They are also perfect for feeding your cat over night or during a weekend, when you are not at home.
Timed, programmable or automatic feeders are electronic (usually run on batteries) and release food from a normally closed container at set intervals through out the day and night if need be. All you have to do is set the timer and the food will be served at the correct time.

Top Tips on Choosing the right Automatic Feeder for your indoor cat

Top Tips on Choosing the right Automatic Feeder for your indoor cat
There are so many options to choose from when choosing a food dispenser or feeder for your indoor or outdoor cat. The gravity feeders are more or less the same design. But the automatic and programmable feeders can differ.
There are three main things to look for when choosing an automatic cat food feeder. How many days ahead do you want to be able to program meals for? How many portions can it serve? Can it use wet and dry, or just dry food?
Schedule: You can buy feeders with timers that range from 24 hours, up to 30 days ahead. The most basic just allow you to set a single time when the feeder will open, however the more advanced will let you schedule meals at different times of the day.
Capacity and Number of Portions: Automated pet feeders fit into two different styles – those that have individual feeding bowls that open up when scheduled, and those that serve a pre-determined amount of food into a single feeding bowl at the programmed time. It is possible to buy feeders with between 1 or more individual feeding bowls, with specific portion sizes.
Food Type: Most cat and pet feeders are suitable for dry food, however many can be used with wet food too. Some also allow you to fit an ice pack which helps keep wet food fresher for longer. Additional Features Some feeders allow you to record a short voice recording which is played when the timer operates to provide a meal. This can help let your pet know that their dinner is served!
Below are some excellent recommended indoor cat feeders. The majority are automatic timed or progammable feeders which can feed your indoor cat throughout the day. Also don’t forget to take a look at our recommended water dispensers.
Food Dispensers or Feeders for indoor cats