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Some top tips to keep your indoor cat happy!

Some top tips to keep your indoor cat happy
Photo Credit: Eddy Van 3000 via cc

Ways to keep your indoor cat happy and entertained indoors.
You can also get your indoor cat outdoors too!

When a cat has to become an indoor pet, either by necessity or due to health issues, their life will change dramatically to that of an outdoor cat.
Research carried out over the past few years have shown that indoor cats can live longer than outdoor cats. On average it’s about 2 years more than an outdoor cat. But indoor cats, if not looked after properly, can get bored pretty quickly and therefore need a lot more extra care and attention to help keep them fit, healthy, mentally stimulated and entertained. An indoor cat will still have those ‘call of the wild instincts’ even if they never step out of the door.
The decision to keep your cat indoors may be due to your environment or the cats age or health status. For whatever the reason, it’s up to you, the owner to provide your cat with activity and make up for the lack of the outdoors. You need to bring the outdoor stimulation indoors! Cats that go outside regularly have constant stimulation. Outdoor cats will constantly hunt prey like birds, rodents and even blowing leaves! They climb trees, explore cubby holes and may have interaction with other cats and animals. They may even befriend a passing human for entertainment. All cats are hunters and will have natural instincts, even an indoor cat.
So it’s up to the cat owner to provide all this cat activity, mental stimulation and play within the home. Here are some great tips on helping your indoor cat get the most from your home. They will help enrich their lifestyle and make them a more healthy and happy cat. And there are even ways of getting your indoor cat outdoors, which you may not have considered before…so we hope you find our suggestions helpful.