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the kittywalk deck patio balcony cat enclosure is a great way for your indoor cat to enjoy the outdoors

Cat enclosures, runs and pens for indoor cats!

If you have an indoor cat and if you have a small garden, large balcony or if space permits then you could provide your pet with a large cat enclosure or run outdoors.

What is a cat enclosure or cat run?

a cat enclosure can be a large outdoor structure than can safely house your indoor cat
Cat enclosures or cat runs are usually large constructed play spaces that keep the cat enclosed, secure and away from any outside dangers. The majority of cat enclosures are made from either weather treated wood or weatherproof coated metal mesh. Theer are even ‘pop up’ playpens which are made from weatherproof fabric and are also foldable and portable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Cat runs and enclosures can come in various sizes and it’s advisable that you buy a professionally made kit rather than construct your own.
Some enclosures will offer your cat a variety of climbing activities that may include ladders, rungs, cubby holes and various height levels where the cat can climb, play and rest to it’s hearts content. These larger, more expensive enclosures tend to be static and are designed to be built and kept in the same place outdoors.
There are also some smaller cat runs and playpens that are designed to be easily constructed and are more ‘temporary’ which means that they can be taken down and folded when not in use. These type of pet enclosures can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also great for travel, as they can be folded and placed within the boot of a car.

Why is a cat enclosure or cat run good for an indoor cat?

some cat enclosures can be used both indoors and outdoors and can provide your indoor cat with protection and privacy
Cat enclosures or cat runs are a perfect way for your indoor cat to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and secure way. Because a cat is enclosed it means they are free from harms way and it will also refrain them from escaping and running away or getting lost in an unsafe environment.
The enclosure will also keep your pet protected and away from any neighbourhood animals like cats and dogs as the enclosure construction is designed to be impenetrable.
Within the enclosure your indoor cat will be able to exercise, rest and also enjoy the fresh air. It’s like having the best of both worlds – a small but safe and secure outdoor environment for an indoor cat to roam free.
It is also essential that you obtain an indoor cat enclosure just in case you have a house full of guests, workmen or if you wish to open up doors and windows in the warmer weather. Your indoor cat can therefore take refuge inside their enclosure and won’t do a ‘Houdini’ and escape the home!

Where can a cat enclosure or cat run be placed?

some cat enclosures can be used both indoors and outdoors
If you are considering getting your indoor cat a cat enclosure or cat run, you will need to assess the available space that you have on offer. If you have a garden then both a cat enclosure or pen can be placed outdoors or secure, flat ground.
Smaller cat runs can be placed on either patches of flat grass or even on a large apartment baclony, where your cat can enjoy the fresh air rather than be stuck indoors.
We have listed some recommended static cat enclosures below, but there are also some foldable cat pens that can be built temporarily on a lawn or garden area and then folded and stored away when not in use.
Cat enclosures, runs and pens for indoor cats