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Feeding and Drinking Products for Indoor Cats

Feeding and Drinking Products for Indoor Cats
Here is some useful information on how you can provide excellent feeding and drinking opportunities for your indoor cat. Instead of just plonking down a bowl of food and a dish of water you can provide your cat with first class meals and healthy hydration. You can even feed them the correct portion of food at certain times of the day!
You can also make eating and drinking fun for your indoor cat….so read on for some inspiration!

All cats like to hunt for food

cats love to hunt for food
Feeding your indoor cat can also be a fun activity. Did you know that cats actually like to hunt for their food? Placing their food bowl in the same place within the home can be a little boring for your indoor cat.
Hunting for food is actually instinctive in cats, but most indoor and even outdoor cats have their dinner served to them in a cute little dish, ready for them whenever they want to eat. Out in the wild there are no bowls of food ready to be devoured. A wild cat has to stalk and hunt for every meal. They must first stalk it, pounce and then capture her food.
Why not try changing the position of their food bowl around the home, so your indoor cat has to hunt and seek out their food? You can also hide treats around their cat activity centre too, which will create a good food hunting game for your cat. It also keeps them physically active too.

Food and treat mazes and puzzles for indoor cats

cat food puzzles, mazes and games are a great way to entertain your indoor cat and keep them mentally stimulated
You can also obtain various food and treat mazes and games which can also stimulate your indoor cat. With these products your cat has to work for their food which will also provide them with mental activity. This activity also enables your cat to partake in some physical activity too which will also help keep them in good shape.
These type of feeding puzzles are a great indoor activity for your cat, especially if they are alone at home during the day. Food mazes and games of this kind can keep your indoor cat occupied, mentally and physically stimulated, rather than simply eating and sleeping all day.

Food dispensers for indoor cats

cat food dispensers and automatic cat feeders are perfect ways to feed your indoor cat
Food dispensers are a great way to feed your indoor cat correctly and with ease. Food dispensers can come in many forms from the simple xxx to an automatic timed feeder.
The most basic of cat food dispensers are usually made with a storage capacity that drops food into an eating bowl or tray. The idea of the storage food tank is that it makes it easier for you to top up. These food dispensers sometimes takes the worry out of leaving your indoor cat at home alone during the day. Simply lift the top of the food reserve and fill with their food. The bowl will automatically refill as your cat eats. The downside of this is that your cat can eat as much as they want, which could create overweight and obesity issues. If this is the case then you would need an automatic cat food feeder with timer.
Automatic cat feeders are the perfect solution for those days when you just know you’re not going to get home in time to feed your indoor cat. With a timer setting it’s a great way to ensure your indoor cat has access to their food at the right time of day, rather than eating and gulping down their breakfast and dinner in one sitting! Automatic feeders can come in all shapes and sizes.

Water bowls and water fountains for indoor cats

a cat water fountain can provide your indoor cat with fresh clean water all day long
Cats can be extremely fussy when it comes to drinking water. All cats, dogs and other household pets need clean drinking water regularly on a daily basis. So how do you provide your indoor cat with good clean water throughout the day?
Just like food dispensers you can provide your cat with a drinking water dispenser which will allow your pet to drink clean water all day long. As your cat drinks from the bowl it is replaced from the water resevoir tank from up above. But your cats water bowl can become tainted with debris, cat hair and dust, which some cats don’t actually mind, but for some other fussy felines this can become distasteful. Even a fresh bowl of clean water can become ‘tainted’ after a simple drink from it.
Fussy cats like this will then leave their cat water bowl well alone and head for any running taps within the home. You may have noticed your cat lap from any dripping kitchen or bathroom taps as this will be providing them with the cleanest of water. If your cat is rather particular about drinking fresh clean water then perhaps a water fountain is the answer!
Cat water fountains provide free-flowing water. The water gets pumped around the fountain which is cleaned with an internal filter, which gives the water a fresh taste, which will encourage your cat to drink from it. The water is also oxygenised, aerated and even cools as it circulates around the fountain. In this way, cat fountains help ensure that your pet receives the fluids he or she needs, especially important on a hot day or when they are left alone at home.

Cat grass and cat nip for indoor cats

cat grass can help your indoor or outdoor cat's digestive system and is also a good source of folic acid
It may seem a strange behaviour, but nibbling on grass, many pet experts believe, is actually beneficial to your cat. Even if your cat vomits up the grass afterwards, there is nothing for you to worry about. Cats regurgitate when they eat grass because they lack the necessary enzymes to break down vegetable matter.
The juice in cat grass contains folic acid which is an essential vitamin for your cats bodyily functions. Another theory is that cat grass acts like a natural laxative helping any issues with indigestion and can help dislodge and help remove furballs.
You can provide your indoor cat with a tray of cat grass which can be bought ready to eat, or you can grow your own! It’s also a good idea to provide an outdoor cat with some too as some outdoor lawns may be treated with garden chemicals, pesticides and other nasties.
Most cats love catnip and it's safe for all indoor or outdoor cats
Catnip is a completely different cat safe plant. About 50% of cats go crazy for it whereas the other 50% don’t respond to it. It is quite alright for cats to smell it, eat it and even roll around in. It can also be used to insert into cat play toys to liven up your cat’s playtime.
Catnip is another name for the herb Nepeta Cataria and is actually a relative of the oregano and spearmint plant family. The active essential oil or molecule in Nepeta cataria (catnip) is nepetalactone, which is believed to mimic a cat pheromone.
Catnip is also a good way to entice your cat to use new cat accessories like beds, scratching posts and activity centres. It’s best to grow your own in the garden. You can then store it in the freezer in an airtight container or bag.
When providing your indoor cat with edible cat grass and catnip, also make sure that any other plants within the home are cat safe. Make sure that all your household plants are of the non-toxic variety.