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Getting your indoor cat outdoors

Getting your indoor cat outdoors

An indoor cat doesn’t have to remain indoors for the rest of it’s life. Although it may be unsafe for them to venture outdoors alone, there are ways that you can get your indoor cat breathing in the fresh air.
From cat strollers to cat enclosures your indoor cat can experience the sights, smells, fresh air and the other joys that the warm weather can bring.
You may even be able to train your indoor cat to walk on a harness and leash, so they can take regular strolls outside. There they can enjoy doing the things that outdoor cats like to do.
Some great ways to get your indoor cat outdoors
  • Cat strollers are perfect for the indoor cat. Not only will a pet stroller provide your indoor cat with a safe and secure environment, but it will also help you to get them outdoors breathing in good fresh air. Cat strollers protect your cat from all the weather elements like sun, rain, wind and snow. They are also perfect for visits to the vet. Far more comfortable than a clunky cat carrier!
  • Have you ever considered taking your indoor cat for walks outdoors? You can fit your cat with a harness and then take them for walks around the block or to the park. Most cats, with a little time and patience, can be trained to wear a harness and it can provide a new lease of life for an indoor cat. Not only can they now go outdoors in a safe and secure way, but they can enjoy the fresh air and exercise at the same time.
  • A cat enclosure, cat kennel, cat run or playpen is an ideal way for your indoor cat to enjoy the outdoors in a secure and safe way. There they can exercise, rest and play while enjoying the fresh air. Cat enclosures, pens and runs come in all shapes and sizes and if space permits, it’s a beneficial outdoor accessory for your indoor cat.